Stephen Sondheim


Awards Received by Stephen Sondheim

Over the course of his career Stephen Sondheim has won many, many awards. Most of them are the ones that you would think that he would win. He has won many Tony Awards and Grammy Awards of course. But there have also been some unexpected awards like the Pulitzer Prize in Drama, a rarity for a musical to win.

The award that you would expect Stephen Sondheim to have won is the Tony Award. After all he made his name working on Broadway and that is what the Tony Awards honour. Specifically the Tony Awards are for excellence in American theatre. It should probably come as no surprise that Stephen Sondheim has won more Tony Awards than any other person. All told he has won eight of them, though this includes a special lifetime achievement award. Six of his wins are in the category of best score while he has also received one award for the best musical for A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.

In addition to winning eight Tony Awards Sondheim has also won eight Grammy Awards. Again this should come as no great shock after all he is a composer. The Grammy awards are to recognize excellence in the music industry. The majority of Sondheim's Grammy Awards are for best cast album for the musicals that he has produced over the years. However Send in the Clowns did win the song of the year award in 1975.

Over the course of his career Stephen Sondheim has written the score for a number of movies, this has resulted in an Academy Award win. The Academy Award also known as the Oscar is to honour excellence in the film industry. Sondheim's win came in 1990 for Best Song for Sooner or Later from the film version of Dick Tracy.

One of the most interesting awards that Stephen Sondheim has received is the Pulitzer Prize. These are awards that were created by publisher Joseph Pulitzer to honour excellence in journalism, literature and musical composition. What makes Sondheim's award so interesting is that he didn't win in the musical composition category as you would expect but he actually won for drama. In 1985 his Broadway musical Sunday in the Park with George won the Pulitzer prize for drama. It is very rare that a musical wins the award for drama so this is a rather unique achievement.

Of course over the length of his career Stephen Sondheim has won a number of other awards. He has won seven Drama Desk Awards which are awarded for excellence in New York theatre. He has also won numerous awards for theatre that are presented in other countries as well. With a career that has been as successful and as long as Stephen Sondheim's it should come as no surprise that he has won a great many awards.